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The wrong home finance decision could cost you a fortune so it’s crucial to find the one that’s right for you. Through Home Loans Australia, we can specifically design a custom mortgage loan quote from your selection and other similar offers from our panel of lenders.

Simply click on the amount you wish to borrow above and our Home Loan Finder will search for and show our top 3 loans from several Australian Banks and smaller home loan companies. This database is constantly updated and has details of the latest housing loan rates from our participating Panel of Lenders.

First Home Buyer

Borrow up to 95% of value of Property + Mortgage insurance with just 5% genuine savings - for First Home Buyers or 95% of property value plus mortgage insurance without genuine savings at higher rates.
These loans are suited to borrowers, including first home buyers, with limited savings, or those wishing to use money not sourced from their own savings as a deposit.


Home and Investment

Compare discounted loans and loans that offer more than basic features. Loans available up to 95% + Lenders Mortgage Insurance capitalised onto loan for Owner Occupied and to 95% for investment.
With hundreds of mortgage products on offer, it’s not easy to pick the right loan. In fact, it can be downright baffling thanks to the sheer range of options and features that various products can offer‚ not to mention the interest rate. So where do you start and why do you need to compare home loans?


Home Loan Refinance

Still paying a high interest rate on your home loan? Refinance to a lower Interest Rate Home Loan! A debt consolidation loan could save you on interest payments. Loans available for unlimited cash out to 90% of property value.
Be sure to find out what your existing loan is costing you and compare that with whatever refinancing you are offered. Also compare features of the new and old loans and factor in changeover costs.


SMSF Investment Loans

Small to medium sized Self managed superannuation funds can now borrow money to purchase both Residential - 80% LVR and Commercial properties - 70% LVR.
Small to medium sized Self managed superannuation funds can now borrow money to purchase both Residential and Commercial properties. The restriction to buy property without borrowing has now been removed on smsf.


Vacant Land Loans

Vacant land loans enable customers to borrow up to 95% LVR + Lenders Mortgage Insurance on vacant land saving you cash for construction plans and Council Approvals. Available for both Owner Occupied and Investment Purposes.
Vacant land loans enable customers to borrow in order to purchase land, with the intention of building a home on that land at a later stage.


Construction Loans

Home construction loans up to 95% LVR available for both Owner Occupied and Investors. - Interest only draws on construction then loan reverts to a Standard Home Loan on completion.
There are few people who are able to afford undertaking large construction projects without financial help. This is where a construction loan can be very useful as it can provide a person with the funds necessary to build a new property or extend an existing property significantly.


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