Home Loan Referral Program

We are currently paying commission of 0.15% on settled loans. Becoming a Referrer to Home Loans Australia allows you the benefits of potential extra income.

Who can become a Referrer?

Anyone based in Australia with an active ABN can become a Home Loans Australia Referrer. This means that any business or individual that has not been banned from engaging in credit activities can refer loans, and if that visitor applies for a loan above $100,000 and that loan then proceeds through to full settlement we will pay to the person who referred the customer a referral fee. People or businesses in related fields are in the best position to refer work to us such as Accountants, Lawyers, Conveyances, Real Estate Agents, Financial Advisers however Sporting Clubs, Schools, Associations, Religious Groups and Charities with large groups can join this program.

There are no fees to participate, and you can terminate the Referral Agreement at any time.

Referral Commission

A flat Commission of 0.15% of Settled Loan Amount is payable 30 days after settlement of a loan of $100,000 and above.

How does it work?

Register First with us then if accepted sign a Referral Agreement then we will provide you with a “Welcome Kit” including the forms you will need to refer customers to Home Loans Australia.

Once you identify a potential customer and explain the Home Loans Australia Program to them and subject to their consent.

  • Send the referral form to Home Loans Australia, who will contact the potential customer and commence the home loan application process.
  • If the loan is approved and funded, the commission payment will be paid directly into your nominated bank account on the following month of settlement.

We place the highest value on providing outstanding service to any client that arrives by referral. We believe you should be compensated fairly for recommending a financial solution to your client that results your client being referred to us, for the right custom tailored mortgage solution.

We’ve put together a business referral strategy that is mutually beneficial to both our businesses and to our future mutual clients. We believe our referral program is highly beneficial to all parties involved in our referral program network.

How do I register?

To register your interest, please email below with your details and information on the source of your referrals.