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Our frequently asked questions include jargon busting terminology and explanations on everything you need to know about our home loan application process and terms.

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Responsible Lending

We’re a proudly Australian company, so we follow all requirements as set out in the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCP).

Responsible Lending

Privacy & Security

We’re committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and recognise the importance of protecting your personal information. Learn more about our privacy and security policy.

Privacy & Security

Website Terms

This is the page that website visitors usually never read, but automatically agree to, when they use a website. Learn more about our website terms and conditions…

Terms & Conditions

Settlement & Fees

Settlement is the final step in the home loan process: it’s when the seller receives their payment for the property, and when your home loan begins. Learn more…

Settlement & Fees

Am I Eligible To Apply?

To find out if you are eligible to apply for a Home Loans of OZ online home loan you will need to answer yes to some simple questions. Find out now if you are eligible to apply.

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