Home Loans Australia focus on providing your clients with personal service and expert advice to help them find funding to meet their needs. If you have any questions on our referral program outside the scope of these FAQ’s please use the Q&A form on this page.

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The application process takes generally a few days for approval as a Referral agreement must be signed before any Referrals can be processed.
You do not need to hold an Australian Credit Licence but you must comply with the National Consumer Credit Protection (NCCP) Act and Regulations, and also the terms of our Referral Agreement.
Yes, it is a condition of becoming a Home Loans Australia Referral Partner that your business has an ABN

This will depend on whether your business or organisation is registered for GST or not. Please speak with your accountant.
Yes the full amount and your business details will be fully disclosed in our credit proposal.

No you will need to log on to the secure area and submit a secure online referral form so we can track through to settlement.
The commission payment must be deposited into your business account.

Referral payments are based on the month that the loan settled in. Payments are made in the last week of the month following the payment from the lender, so payments can range from 4-9 weeks from date of settlement
There are no penalties for exiting the program. Either party can terminate the agreement at anytime with notification